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Dominick Bizzarro

Advisor | Certified Executive Coach | Strategist

Throughout his 30+ years of working in the healthcare space, Dominick has maintained a mindset that is always hungry for growth. He's an advisor and coach for executives and rising leaders and a champion for creating diverse and dynamic high-performing teams to deliver extraordinary results. With his innovative approach, he's been able to light a fire of creativity in organizations and individuals, resulting in the proven success of startups, the transformation of companies, and the revitalization of struggling businesses.


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A word from Dominick:

My journey to advisory

Earlier in my career, I came across a compelling concept explored in the book “Unique Ability” by Catherine Nomura and Julia Waller. A Unique Ability is one's distinct blend of natural talents, skills developed over time, and life experiences that allows them to create exceptional value. When operating within our Unique Ability, we do what we love and excel at.

Curious to uncover my own distinct aptitudes, I surveyed close colleagues who have known me for years. I asked for their honest perspectives on my innate strengths and passions. Their feedback revealed qualities and impact consistent across relationships and roles over multiple decades of work. 

My Unique Ability lies in being a Visionary Catalyst. One who cuts through complexity to synthesize a compelling vision and guide leaders to achieve ambitious goals by harnessing the untapped potential within themselves and others. 

 This self-discovery process prompted me to focus my career on guiding, advising and coaching others. I want to help individuals, teams and organizations thrive by unleashing their full potential. This vision gave rise to Innovators Within.

As a leadership guide and advisor, my goal is to support today's and tomorrow's executive's growth and success. I see possibilities others may miss and help you achieve goals others think impossible. With decades of experience strategizing, motivating teams and overcoming challenges, I aim to give your efforts focused guidance and inspiration.

By leveraging my Unique Ability, I can empower countless leaders to transform their work and make lasting impacts on the world. My work at Innovators Within allows me to do just that each and every day.

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